November 2018 – Writing fiction: the long and the short of it

12-17 November 2018

Sawmills motorlaunchOur autumn 2018 retreat brings us to a new venue, The Old Sawmill near Fowey, rumoured to be the setting for the first picnic scene in Wind in the Willows. Our topic for the week is ‘Writing fiction, the long and the short of it’; an essential toolkit for people interested in developing skills for writing long or short fiction.

The conservatory tableOur morning workshops will consider the elements of writing fiction, from structure and plot to voice, setting and characterisation. We will consider the differences between long and short fiction, how to tell whether your idea has the legs to be sustained into a fully fledged novel, or whether it would have more impact as a short story or novella.

As always on our retreats, you have the option of signing up for one to one tutorials in the afternoons with Kath and Jane. Our days are designed to give you plenty of writing time and space to breathe. All our activities are optional and if you wish to bring a project along and bury yourself away to get on with it, or simply relax, read, think and go for long walks with your notebook, you are welcome to do that. You can come up for air and enjoy good company and delicious home cooked food at meal times.

Round windowOur visiting author midweek is novelist Meredith Miller, expert in the novel and short story. Meredith was our first ever visiting author at The Writing Retreat in November 2013. We are delighted to welcome her back to offer us her sharp insights into the writing process.

You can book your place on this retreat here.