Here are some snippets from comments made by our recent guests.

“A wonderful week with excellent workshops, great advice and lovely new friends. I shall return home buzzing with new ideas for writing. I learned so much about the art of writing”

(Ann, March 2017)

“Really appreciated being able to enjoy all the wonderful food despite being gluten free – and with no fuss”

(Jil, March 2017)

“A space away from everyday life, crawling with imaginary characters and plots under (re)construction. Fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a story while being doted on.”

(Camille, March 2017)

“It’s the perfect combination of gorgeous setting, beautiful accommodation, generous and welcoming hosts, fantastic catering, a nurturing atmosphere. Highly recommended.”

(Jil, March 2017)

“Relaxing atmosphere, interesting fellow students; I learned much of real practical value on the business of writing.”

(Anon, March 2017)

“The relaxed atmosphere lends itself to creativity and new ideas.”

(Ann, March 2017)

“The morning workshops had such excellent (and interesting) examples. I felt very encouraged to act on what I had learnt – such stimulation!”

(Anon, March 2017)

“Thank you for another wonderful week – my adventures in writing continue because of The Writing Retreat!”

(Jil, March 2017)

An opportunity to spend time concentrating on writing and techniques to improve it, with like-minded people and excellent food. I thoroughly enjoyed the week; I learned loads and thought in depth about my writing and how to improve it.

(Susan Kersley, November 2016)

This week was harder work than I expected but that work was absolutely worthwhile.  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. I’ve said it before but my novel has been on a journey this week and so have I. Thank you so much for your knowledge, your tact, your generosity and your humour.

(Fiona Crump, November  2016)

Great friends, great food, great writing. I have had a wonderful week, the best ever.

(November 2016)

It was perfect. Sad to only be able to give it a ‘5’ rating – it’s a perfect 10 at least.  I learned so much! In addition to having lovely time out from the real world, and the company and conversation of other writers (all of whom were amazing) I learned insights into plot structure and character that never before in 25 years of studying writing had I ever been shown, and that have been an incredible benefit to my writing, immediately.  I loved hearing everyone’s work on the last night. Jenny Alexander was fantastic. Such a lovely warm presence and so informative. She really got me working and thinking, all to the good. Thank you.

(November 2016)

If you’re serious about your writing – GO

Janet Denny, November 2016

Instructive, convivial, relaxing, and energising! … You also provided a good range of reference books appropriate for the retreat, which were interesting, and helpful, to dip into.

November 2016

“A wonderful week of conversation, writing & story telling. Gave me space to just think and stare at beautiful views and just be. It was one of the most – no – the most welcoming and friendly retreats I’ve been on. I enjoyed everybody’s company very much. You looked after us very well.”

Aliza Dayton, May 2016

“The retreat gave me time and permission to write. The one-to-ones really helped me to get a clearer idea of the direction I’m going in. Thank you both so much…Patrick Gale was an inspiration.”

Mary Smith, May 2016

“Gorgeous house with wonderful views. Very professionally run, and tailored to suit the needs of individual writer. Impressive.”

Smita Talati, May 2016

“Love the soup and salad lunches. Creative and delicious food cooked with love and poetry. Enjoyed the mix and variety of what people were working on. It was a great spoiling not to have to do anything. Thank you.”

Jill Treseder, May 2016

“You get two amazing tutors who really know their stuff, great food, fun company, time to really get stuck into your writing project – and all amid beautiful surroundings. What’s not to like? Thank you to you both for a great week.”

Robin Falvey, May 2016

“Go. You will have a fantastic week, everything you would hope for and so much more. Thank you both for an amazing week.”

Lizzie Chittleboro, May 2016

“The food was unbelievably good – hotel standard and I can’t fault it.  The retreat was made even more enjoyable by the mix of story forms and poetry that everyone was exploring. A big thank you for an utterly inspiring week.”

Lin Rogers, May 2016

“What an enjoyable and rewarding week spent at Bosloe. Stimulating company and exercises, helpful tutorials, peaceful writing time, stunning scenery, delicious food and free-flowing wine. All combined to fire up my writing. No complaints there then. I’ll be back.”

Janet Denny, May 2016

“It was fantastic – the retreat, the people and the house. Friendly yet professional hosting, great learning, interesting and entertaining. Patrick Gale was excellent, I learned a lot from him. I’d love to come again.”

Alison Jones, May 2016

“Another simply Time to Write session would be fantastic.”

Jeni Whittaker, May 2016

“Go! Do not hesitate to think about it – just go! You have created something very special. Wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with no pressure or judgements made.  I actually couldn’t stop congratulating myself for stumbling across it on www. I will go away hugging this week and remembering it every time I pick up a pen.”

Jil Fairclough, May 2016

“Do it! The time and opportunity to get away is fantastic. It exceeded my expectations – I have come away wiser for the experience and with a new range of issues whizzing around my head!”

Clare Medland, March 2016

“The wonderful landscape and the inspirational atmosphere invites us to write. Food is delicious.”

Margarida Bento, March 2016

“Lovely deep dark silence, sleep, food and inspiration. Everything you could possibly want to write. Came away with a short story structured. Thank you!”

Annie Lovejoy, March 2016

“Thanks to both of you for your supportive enthusiasm. This is an exceptional, safe environment – it was lovely to be in it for whole week!”

Chloe (Midnight Storytellers), March 2016

“The food was perfect. Fab teachers, great location. My life feels as though it has made a massive shift. Still a long way to go but I am certainly a lot further along than I was this time last week!!!”

Debbie Clayton, March 2016

“I had a fantastic time and achieved what I wanted. Thank you.”

Claire Barnard, March 2016

“Thoroughly recommend it. Food delicious and abundant. I don’t think it could be improved in any way.”

Shona Mullen, March 2016

“Be prepared for things to change. Your writing will grow, your outlook will change, and you’ll be very glad you came. I can’t wait to come back.”

Sarah Fisher, March 2016

An extremely enlightening and profound week! Fabulous venue, amazing facilitators, brilliant vibe! I came unsure if I even had anything, or where to start. I now know my mission is on track. Thank you for creating this.

Emma, November 2015

Overall an excellent week. Very good ambiance. Lovely residence. Fine balance between serious and relaxing activities. Welcoming hosts providing inspiration and knowledge to move us on with our writing projects.

Diana, November 2015

Such a useful week. Analysing structures in depth plus supporting us in actually applying them has been invaluable. You both have great skill in diving into people’s muddles and producing clarity… it’s the best dedicated course I’ve been on.

Jill, November 2015

Wonderful, friendly, encouraging and fun. Both 1:1 sessions I had were great, focused, objective critiques, I have learnt so much this week. Thank you.

CW, November 2015

Thank you, Kath and Jane, for an insightful, stimulating, generous and fun week. It has exceeded my expectations and I hope to return.

March 2015

It was awesome, Thank you so much, Kath and Jane, for such an amazing and inspiring week.

March 2015

It’s been a wonderful week, rich and indulgent for the oft neglected writer in me.

Julia, March  2015

The ‘121s’ have been worth their weight in gold, as has been listening to Jenny’s (Jenny Alexander) writing career, the realities of it.

March 2015

I have made tons of progress, ideas, writing. Meeting new people on the same ‘journey’ was brilliant. It helped me get back into the swing of things.

 Elaine, November 2014

I have loved it. Every moment. My writing is a joy once again. I had lost my way with it and within the first day of the course I had a better storyline and character. I am excited to write again. The food was exceptional, like dining out every night. Fantastic.

Avis, November 2014

The house was perfect. Needless to say, you can’t improve on the food. I’d like to thank you all for everything that you have done for me this last week. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you and I would not have had so much fun and laughed so much.

Michelle, November 2014

Wonderful memories of a house full of warm, friendly, funny people. Incredible encouragement and inspiration to really take my writing more seriously. Thank you to all of you for sharing yourselves on such a well organised and well fed retreat!! I would love to come back.

CW, November 2014


2 Replies to “Testimonials”

  1. Hello,

    My sister, CA Hartnell, our friend, Londa Smith, and myself are interested in coming to one of your retreats in 2017. Please send me your information so we can make our plans for next year.

    Thank you,
    Gail Perry

    1. Gail, our March 2017 retreat, The Craft of Writing, is on sale now and we still have a few rooms. Check the details on the website and use the booking form to send us your details, and we’ll get back to you. There will be other retreats later in 2017 as well, so if March does not work for you, let us know and we’ll send you an alert as soon as other dates are released. Best wishes.

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