Stay Home Sundays – Spring 2021

Our Stay Home Sundays offer three half-day themed sessions that take place using the Zoom app. If you haven’t used Zoom before, just download it here and have a practice with a friend beforehand. It’s easy to use and is the next best thing to being together in real life.

The Stay Home Spring Sundays 2021 are themed around elements of story structure and start at 10.00am and finish at 1.00pm. We will open the Zoom meeting room at 9.45am and there will be regular breaks. Each session includes some tuition, writing time, and time for sharing and discussion. As always at The Writing Retreat, sharing is entirely optional. 

Bring your pen and notebook, your choice of hot beverage and a snack for the break, and enjoy a morning of writing and learning in the company of our online community.  We look forward to welcoming you into our Zoom room.

The 7 Stories: which are you telling? – Sunday 28 March

Good stories reflect the human condition, and they do it via seven basic plots that have been repeated over and over throughout human history. Understanding the type of story that you are telling will help you to tell it well. This retreat will explain what those seven stories are and why they matter.

The Hero’s Journey: the darling of Hollywood and countless novels – Sunday 25 April

We are so bombarded with this ancient structure that its shape is hardwired into our culture and expectations of what we will get when we sit down to enjoy a film or novel. This retreat will walk you through the twelve steps that can take your hero from ordinary nobody to heroic somebody, all in the space of one story.

Archetypes: and why every story needs them – Sunday 23 May

Our understanding of story shape sits deep in our subconscious, as do the archetypes that populate those stories. This retreat will explore what the main archetypes are, and how controlling them can help you, the writer, control the forces that drive your story through its journey and onto a satisfying conclusion.


One workshop – £25.00 

All three workshops – £65.00


  • Zoom meeting room open from 9.45am
  • Session starts at 10.00am
  • Session ends at 1.00pm

Please familiarise yourself with the Zoom app before the sessions. We will be using the mute and unmute functions, and the chat function.

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NB: We are STILL experiencing some glitches with our booking form process and some  forms are not coming through to us. If you complete a booking form, DO please also email us – – to let us know you have sent it. If the form doesn’t arrive, we can then contact you, otherwise we may miss your booking. Thank you.