Retreat March 2015


Because life and calendars can sometimes be unpredictable, one of this year’s guests is no longer able to come to the March 2015 retreat, which means we now have one more place available. We are pleased to be able to offer this space at the reduced price of £425, which represents a discount of £150.

Book now

To take advantage of this last minute opportunity to attend The Writing Retreat’s March 2015 retreat at Lamorna Cove, Cornwall, click on the Book Now link. Come and learn the craft of writing, be stimulated by the company of like-minded people, and enjoy being just a little bit pampered by your hosts. Go on, treat yourself.

Dinner's on the way

Please note that as the time for deposits has passed, the total amount of £425 is due on booking. Just send us the booking form, or email us direct at,  and we will contact you.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Writing Retreat.

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