Our retreats

Our 2019 listings are out, with April seeing us return to the stunning setting of Old Sawmills, near Fowey. November takes us back once again to the lovely Rosemerryn at Lamorna. Two fantastic settings for what should be two inspirational retreats. If you can’t get along to either of these this year, we’ll let you know how they go. Visit our blog for the latest news. 

November 2019 – The Craft of Writing
April 2019 – Time to Write
NOVEMBER 2018 – Writing Fiction – The long and the short of it
NOVEMBER 2017 – Life Writing and Time to Write
MARCH 2017 – The Craft of Writing
Patric Gale
MAY 2016 – Time to Write
NOVEMBER 2016 – Narrative Structure

Angie Sage Pic

MARCH 2016 – The Craft of Writing