Where am I now?

Many thanks to our retreat guest, Moira Fitt, who has given us permission to share this poem she wrote about what it means to write in the companionship of other writers. The poem was inspired by In the Room of a Thousand Miles at Mudita House by Billy Collins

Where Am I Now?

Where am I now?

This room of scribblers

Gazing intently at lines in a book,

A chin is scratched

A leaf is turned

A pen flies across the page.


Where are they now?

Miles away in a distant land?

Dreaming of spires or castles in the air?

A line is penned

A verse completed

A sigh of satisfaction tells it all.


Where are we now?

This room of scribblers

Filling our notebooks,

Welded by words

Humming in unison

Sharing the song of our souls.

                                                                   Moira Fitt




About Kath Morgan

I'm a writer and creative writing tutor, living and working in beautiful Cornwall. Lucky me...
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2 Responses to Where am I now?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice poem by Moira Fitts – pleasantly sparse. Thank you. Diana Dixon

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