Our November 2016 Retreat – how lovely that was

Kath Morgan looks back on a glowing, productive week at Rosemerryn

img_2400We were lucky enough to have wonderful weather for our November retreat on long narrative structure, with crisp autumn leaves and vibrant colours lending a freshness to Rosemerryn’s gardens and woodlands that was much appreciated by all.  The temperature was so unsefullsizerender-4asonably warm that at one point we debated (honestly, we did!) not lighting the wood-burner in the evening. Luckily, aesthetics won the day, a decision approved by Ginny the retreat dog.

Jane and I would like to thank all our guests for filling the house and cottage with so much writing and creative inspiration. Our long narrative structure retreat is the most demanding one on our menu, and this year’s guests were all up for the challenge. In between indulging in yummy food and shared laughter, our guests worked hard, and after a series of focused workshops they ended the week at a very different point to the one at which they started (in a good way!). For us, that’s what success feels like.


Jen Alexander was our mid-week guest writer, her second time with us, and what an inspiration she was, again. Her talk on the publishing industry – the highs, the lows and the changing realities of it – was hugely instructive, packed full of vital information and constructive advice. Her workshop on pace was beautifully paced (pun intended) and full of useful insight. Jen’s visit left our guests buzzing with new ideas and possibilities.


Here are some snippets of feedback from our guests:

I learned so much! In addition to having lovely time out from the real world, and the company and conversation of other writers (all of whom were amazing) I learned insights into plot structure and character that never before in 25 years of studying writing had I ever been shown, and that have been an incredible benefit to my writing, immediately. Thank you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the week; I learned loads and thought in depth about my writing.

Jenny Alexander was fantastic. Such a lovely warm presence and so informative. She really got me working and thinking, all to the good.

Great friends, great food, great writing.

An opportunity to spend time concentrating on writing, and techniques to improve it, with like-minded people and excellent food.

I have had a wonderful week, the best ever.

It was perfect. Sad to only be able to give it a ‘5’ rating – it’s a perfect 10 at least.

This week was harder work than I expected but that work was absoluteimg_2440ly worthwhile.  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.

If you are serious about writing, go.

Instructive, convivial, relaxing, and energising!

I loved hearing everyone’s work on the last night.

Thank you so much for your knowledge, your tact, your generosity and your humour.

If you’re serious about your writing – GO!

My novel has been on a journey this week and so   have I.

It’s been a pleasure! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Next stop, March 2017.

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