What our May 2016 guests had to say

We always appreciate the feedback our guests give us at the end of their retreat. It’s good to know what we are doing right and what we can tweak to make things even better in the future, so a big thank you to you all. Here are some of our favourite snippets from our May 2016 Retreat.

“A wonderful week of conversation, writing & story telling. Gave me space to just think and stare at beautiful views and just be. It was one of the most – no – the most welcoming and friendly retreats I’ve been on. I enjoyed everybody’s company very much. You looked after us very well.” Aliza Dayton

“The retreat gave me time and permission to write. The one-to-ones really helped me to get a clearer idea of the direction I’m going in. Thank you both so much…Patrick Gale was an inspiration.” – Mary Smith

“Gorgeous house with wonderful views. Very professionally run, and tailored to suit the needs of individual writer. Impressive.” – Smita Talati

“Love the soup and salad lunches. Creative and delicious food cooked with love and poetry. Enjoyed the mix and variety of what people were working on. It was a great spoiling not to have to do anything. Thank you.” – Jill Treseder

“You get two amazing tutors who really know their stuff, great food, fun company, time to really get stuck into your writing project – and all amid beautiful surroundings. What’s not to like? Thank you to you both for a great week.” – Robin Falvey

“Go. You will have a fantastic week, everything you would hope for and so much more. Thank you both for an amazing week.” – Lizzie Chittleboro

“The food was unbelievably good – hotel standard and I can’t fault it.  The retreat was made even more enjoyable by the mix of story forms and poetry that everyone was exploring. A big thank you for an utterly inspiring week.” – Lin Rogers

“What an enjoyable and rewarding week spent at Bosloe. Stimulating company and exercises, helpful tutorials, peaceful writing time, stunning scenery, delicious food and free-flowing wine. All combined to fire up my writing. No complaints there then. I’ll be back.” – Janet Denny

“It was fantastic – the retreat, the people and the house. Friendly yet professional hosting, great learning, interesting and entertaining. Patrick Gale was excellent, I learned a lot from him. I’d love to come again.” – Alison Jones

“Another simply Time to Write session would be fantastic.” – Jeni Whittaker

“Go! Do not hesitate to think about it – just go! You have created something very special. Wonderfully relaxed atmosphere with no pressure or judgements made.  I actually couldn’t stop congratulating myself for stumbling across it on www. I will go away hugging this week and remembering it every time I pick up a pen.” – Jil Fairclough

“The venue was fabulous, the food amazing and wildly over-catered; too much wine (sorry that’s an oxymoron, no such thing) cheese delicious, company amazing… Patrick Gale of course was fantastically entertaining and helpful.” Peter Barnes

And we have to say, we simply loved having you all. What a great week it was! We wish you all loads of luck in your writing journeys. Stay in touch.

Kath and Jane

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