Patrick Gale joins us a guest author

Patric GaleWe are thrilled to be welcoming Patrick Gale as our midweek guest author in May. Patrick is the best selling author of novels including Notes from an Exhibition and, most recently, A Place Called Winter.  He is a local boy who lives right down the far end of our glorious peninsular, near Land’s End. Patrick will join us for dinner on Wednesday evening, returning the next morning to host a writing masterclass. Watch this space for more news on that and how, as a guest, you can put questions to Patrick and learn from his experience as an author who has achieved mainstream success.

The mid-week guest author spot is a popular part of our retreats. They bring a fresh face to the dinner table and fresh perspective to our Thursday morning workshops. Every writer we have welcomed to past retreats has brought something different to the mix. Emily Barr entertained us with her account of how to make the transition from journalism to best selling fiction for 20-30-something year old women readers.

Angie Sage PicAngie Sage described her journey from illustrator of children’s books to successful author of the Septimus Heap children’s fantasy series, and showed us how her confidence had grown with each small step; an inspiring and valuable lesson in how to keep going. Meredith Miller gave us her gripping account of how to find then lose an agent (through no fault of her own), then find another; a story of tenacity and determination which has led to her recently securing a fantastic book deal with Harper Collins.

We were wowed by Jenny Alexander
Jenny Alexander inspires

Jenny Alexander shared level headed advice on how to make a living as a ‘free-range’ writer, with her thought-provoking insights into the way self-publishing online is transforming writers’ abilities to find a readership and catch the attention of agents and publishers.

Threaded through each visiting author’s contribution to the retreat is the message that writing is hard work, and success can be slow to come, but the rewards are there for those who keep going, have passion for their work, and are quietly determined. You can read about them in amongst our guests’ comments on the retreats.

For more information about our May retreat, featuring Patrick Gale as guest author, see our programme.

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