Guest Comments from November 2015

We loved working with our writers on their long narrative structures last week, and were mightily impressed with how they grafted on their individual projects. Here’s a small sample of what they had to say about their retreat experience.

Grub's up

Emma:      “An extremely enlightening and profound week! Awesome! Fabulous venue, amazing facilitators, brilliant vibe! Honestly, it’s been an amazing week for me. I came unsure if I even had anything, or where to start. I now know my mission is on track. Thank you for creating this.”

CW:      “Wonderful, friendly, encouraging and fun. Both one-to-one sessions I had were great, focused, objective critiques. I have learnt so much this week. Thank you.”

Diana:      “Very good ambiance. Lovely residence. Fine balance between serious and relaxing activities. Welcoming hosts providing inspiration and knowledge to move us on with our writing projects. Overall an excellent week.”

Julia:      “It was a stimulating week that was focused on the structure of a longer piece of fiction. The one-to-ones were once again the highlight of the week.”

Jill:      “Such a useful week. Analysing structures in depth plus supporting us in actually applying them has been invaluable. You both have great skill in diving into people’s muddles and producing clarity. I’ve already told my friend it’s the best dedicated course I’ve been on.”

And Alan’s parting advice was: “Sign up while places are still available.”



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