Writing Retreat guest reflections:

Michelle Town looks back on her second retreat with us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack in Rosemerryn again, the house so wonderfully familiar and feeling like a home from home. The same noises, comfort and lack of urgency that I fondly remember from November. Life, busy and demanding, takes a step back and lets me breathe. Rosemerryn is giving me the big hug I sorely need.

Day one and straight into a workshop, learning is why I am here and Kath and Jane provide that in spades. Just what the doctor ordered. I’m still shy about my writing, I still have self doubt as to whether I have any talent, but, I want this and I’ll do my best to achieve.

Seven new people to get to know. Again I’m struck by the esteemed company I am now keeping. All of us with a love of the written word, but no two using the same avenue to express this. Short stories, film scripts, children’s fiction and a travelogue are mentioned. Creativity seems to know no boundaries, be it genre or social-economic. I love this kind of interaction, listening to others’ stories of upbringing and relationships. Always a novel there, eh?

Jenny Alexander, the guest speaker, was an inspiration to me. She ran a workshop on dialogue and I suddenly found my writing voice. A short piece of fiction that has now taken over and I am constantly in the company of not only the two characters in the original scene, but their friends are clamouring to be heard. Not bad for a novice!

I had so much more confidence by the end of the course, that on the last night, my dialogue piece was read to the others. A small step for some, but a major break-through for me.

I can only thank Kath, Jane and all the Retreaters for making this happen for me and I’ll be back next November. I’m like the Rosemerryn cat and the Cuban Rum, a permanent fixture from now on!


About Kath Morgan

I'm a writer and creative writing tutor, living and working in beautiful Cornwall. Lucky me...
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3 Responses to Writing Retreat guest reflections:

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful to read this Michelle! Looking forward to hugging you once more in November

  2. Hi Michelle – thank you for this lovely feedback – helping you to find your voice, well, that’s made my day! Enjoy your next stay at the Writing Retreat 🙂

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