Rosemerryn spring

At the end of a week on retreat at Rosemerryn I like to write something to capture the feeling of arriving, inhabiting and then leaving our charmed space in the beautiful house in its wooded gardens. I keep some notes during the week, so that a valuable impression does not escape, but I do not write until I am at home again and can see the shape of the week in its entirety. I need time to mull.

After our November retreat I wrote a series of haiku. This time, I turned to George Mackay Brown, one of my favourite poets and writers of prose, for a model. His poem Beachcomber, which follows the pattern of the days of the week, gave me the containment I required.

With thanks to the Bard of Orkney, here is my reflection on a week of creativity and good company in the spring sunshine of west Cornwall.

Monday, magnolia
froths in the hedgerow,
laced with camellia.

Tuesday, voices –
the house is inhabited.
A cat climbs wisteria.

Wednesday, a closening,
rhythm around us
in home-like hearth.

Thursday, a visitor,
dialogue dancing,
perfectly paced.

Friday, a darkening
while maidens circle.
We sing at the fireside

Saturday, leaving,
carrying promises,
standing taller.

Jane Moss
March 2015


About joinedupwriters

I'm a writer. I also teach and counsel. My book, Writing in Bereavement, A Creative Handbook is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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