What our guests had to say…

Well, another retreat has come and gone, and our guests have headed back into the ‘real’ world, away from the peace-filled house, the mysterious fogou, and the warm support of their fellow writers. Before they departed, they had this to say about their experience:

Thank you, Kath and Jane, for an insightful, stimulating, generous and fun week. It has exceeded my expectations and I hope to return.

The house is perfect, lots of little nooks to tuck into.

I thoroughly enjoyed the week and want to come back. Thank you.

Every aspect of the place and its facilities is great. The food is great.

It was awesome, Thank you so much, Kath and Jane, for such an amazing and inspiring week.

It took me a long time to get going, but I did make real progress with my book.

It’s been a wonderful week, rich and indulgent for the oft neglected writer in me.

Nice mix of people.

The ‘121s’ have been worth their weight in gold, as has been listening to Jenny’s (Jenny Alexander) writing career, the realities of it.

And perhaps our favourite comment of all:

I leave walking taller as a writer, and I thank you both for that.


2 Replies to “What our guests had to say…”

    1. Hi Jenny,
      The angel was built by an artist friend of Laura and Rob, when he was house sitting for them. He doesn’t make them to order as they just emerge when he is in the right mood. He’s gradually becoming part of the wood as the plant life grows through and around him. So he’s technically an art angel, but he’s certainly a writing angel to me.

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