Back from retreat

It was the week in which someone found her story’s form (magical realism with a shape-shifting protagonist), someone discovered her comedic voice and someone found the confidence to read a poem aloud for the first time. It was the week in which everyone achieved something, and everyone discovered the value of being on retreat. The house hummed with the sound of writers being productive.

Our blog and website are filling up with images from the week but here, to complement the visual record, is my haiku journal, jotted in the quiet moments in between workshops, one to ones and cooking sessions in the magnificent kitchen at Rosemerryn.

Rosemerryn haiku

Rain in the morning
Long journeys through soaking lanes
The house is waiting
Voices in the hall
We gather in the kitchen
The house is breathing
Stories by the fire
What do you hope for this week?
The house is listening
Night at Rosemerryn
Fire dies down, footsteps upstairs
The house is sleeping
Early morning sun
In the kitchen breakfast waits
The house is waking
Around the table
We gather like family
The house is laughing
Final afternoon
Luggage and damp autumn leaves
The house says goodbye

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